A Fresh Start For webERP

Welcome to the official KwaMoja web site. A new project from Africa, which hopes to give a fresh start to the webERP project.

It includes as one of it's developers Tim Schofield, a UK qualified accountant who was one of the main developers of webERP.

Our vision at KwaMoja is to make African businesses more competitive with those in the west. In the Eighties, western businesses went through a revolution, lowering inventory costs, improving efficiencies, improving quality, and raising profits for their shareholders. Central to this revolution was the rolling out of ERP software. Very few businesses in the west do not now take advantage of ERP.

KwaMoja is an open source ERP project based in Africa, committed to improving the efficiency, and profitability of every African business.

Join us in helping to make this vision come true.

5th March 2016 - Release of version 16.03

We are pleased to announce the release of version 16.03 of KwaMoja. See our Downloads page for details.

4th March 2016 - New installer

The installer has been rewritten and is now more efficient.

4th March 2016 - Improvements to work order entry

The work order entry script has been improved and simplified so that now work order numbers are not allocated until the order is saved.

4th February 2016 - Default shipper by supplier

A default supplier can now be set by supplier, and when creating a new purchase order for a supplier that default is chosen.

23rd January 2016 - Attachments can now be made to sales orders

Documents can now be attached to a sales order and can then be viewed via the sales order enquiry screen.

2nd January 2016 - Multi-lingual Charts of Accounts

Charts of accounts can be held in multiple languages with the user seeing the GL account names in their own languages.

Try logging into the demo using the company "KwaMoja Luxembourg Ltd" to see this in action.

1st January 2016 - Regular payments

You can now setup and process regular payments to occur every day/week/month/year.

This code is available in our development branch which can be downloaded for out github site.

KwaMoja Version 14.02 is released

This is a brand new version of KwaMoja with many additional features, and many enhancements from webERP.

There is a completely rewritten installer giving an option of 27 different charts of account donated by contributors from around the world. Users have the choice to upload some demo data, or to go through the entire hand holding procedure to set up a new blank company.

Internal stock requests can now be edited or cancelled on a per line or per request basis.

When making a payment to suppliers, the invoices can be chosen from within the payments screen, and all allocations are performed automatically.

Inventory can now be analysed on an ABC basis, to identify fast/slow moving items. This analysis can be done using different bases, and multiple analyses kept.

KwaMoja has a dashboard that enables multiple views of the status of orders/inventory/banks etc. to be shown on one screen. This is configurable on a per user basis.

There is a new and more intuitive user interface for those using it for whom English is not the first language.

Shipments can now be entered with a start date before today's date thus enabling a more sensible ETA date to be entered.

The code has been simplified and smartened up in line with the coding guidelines.

Numerous bug fixes have been applied.

Forms are now verified at client side, and better error dialogs are shown.

The full change log can be viewed here

Latest version of KwaMoja

The latest version of KwaMoja is 4.10.2 released on the 2nd March 2013, and can be downloaded from our download pages.

You can obtain the latest development code for KwaMoja at any time from our gihub site. Simply click here to download a zip file, extract to your web server, and get going. Don't forget to report back your opinions, good or bad!